EcoPoxy Resin and Build Hardener is formulated to manufacture high performance structures with or without post-curing.

The system is suitable for the manufacturing of large structures and composite parts by wet layup with low viscosity and excellent wetting characteristics. The system is also suitable for filament winding applications and adaptable to VRTM. Parts can be released from a mold without postcuring.

EcoPoxy Resin and Build Hardener has also been designed for coating and reinforcing fabric saturation in wood composite boat building.

This system exhibits excellent cured mechanical properties providing stronger, lighter, higher performance parts that can be sanded, shaped, machined, drilled and tapped. It can be used in combination with EcoPoxy GelCoat or to make rigid molds and tooling.

EcoPoxy Resin and Build Hardener is commonly used for structural wood construction. It may be used for: all woods laminations, coating, scarfing, strip planking, as well as bonding in form of fillet joints applications when filled with wood flour and silica.

Build Kit $79.95

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